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ICO Marketing Strategy

In our opinion ICO is a great opportunity but ICOs are not for every company. Although the concept is new and exciting, not every industry is embracing the implementation of cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrency supporters believe blockchain systems can and will impact every major industry, for the better.


One of the most important question is How will you integrate digital tokens into your business model?


If ICO is for you we are the marketing firm for you!


Figure out your market. What is your market?


Make sure that your goals are clearly defined and realistic. So please tell us more about your goals.


We are generating value for our clients via a successful strategy

What is the value you are generating for your customers? It’s important for us to know because that’s the key message we have to deliver for your future investors/customers.

We know your audience

Basically there are 2 different audiences


Those with a width of digital currency knowledge


Those who really don’t understand the difference between Bitcoin and blockchain. This second group likely understands the growing status of cryptocurrency, but they may not understand the technicalities.

It is our job to create marketing and PR materials that speak to both sides of the spectrum.
Through educational marketing, social media, and more traditional PR hits, we carefully define and tailor the messaging to support the experiences and interests of your target audience.


What is your story? Please share your story with us!



In addition to offering unique insights towards your marketing strategy, offer your insights to your potential investors. If you have no story we come up with a sincere story about your company’s purpose in order to compel a desire to support your cause. When a company is story based huge crowd can join and support that.

You want to give investors a reason to give your company money and you can do this by providing them with the story behind your mission statement.

The marketing strategy for your ICO should focus on three elements:

(1) Introduce potential investors to your team

(2) Community Building

(3) “Get out of the Building” and meet potential investors

We take care all of these because
we are your executing agency


We keep your website updated

In addition to social media, make sure your website is up to date and current with all of your company’s latest news. As CEO, you’re going to get pulled in many directions during your ICO so it’s important to have a central source of updates for potential investors who want to research your company.


Executing a successful ICO is not an easy task.
You work on your company – we are working on your fruitful communication.

We constantly communicate to your audience both before and throughout the campaign. This will help get more people on board, as well as provide feedback, allowing you to tweak while the ICO is underway.

We have the professionals whose only job will be to monitor and participate in the dialogue with your audience – there’s nothing worse than having a well-prepared campaign fail simply due to the lack of outreach.



Via our services we help you make a successful crowdsale.

Executing an ICO Marketing Strategy

Crypto and blockchain is a niche market and an expanding industry. There are many tactics that can be applied which are unconventional for typical SaaS models. The focus on any marketing activity should be getting results from tests and moving incrementally towards a goal; then compounding results by keeping what works and cutting what doesn’t. Here’s how we do it for you.

SEO-Optimize Your Website Build

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important in this unregulated industry. There’ve been cases where an ICO brand and website has been cloned or spoofed with a small change to the URL. For instance, etherdelta.com was spoofed to “etherdellta.com” and “etherdelta.one”. Sending potential investors to the wrong website is a nightmare for security and your project’s reputation. The best solution is to get your website ranking higher in Google search results. If you find a spoofed website infringing on your brand, you can report those sites to Google.

Write a detailed technical White Paper

A white paper is the backbone of any crypto-tech proposal. It’s what investors will look at first to see if your idea has what it takes. In this document, you should layout your business plan and details of the technology you intend to use. After reading your white paper, an investor should understand why an ICO suits your project and how a token will help end users get the most value out of your solution.

Create a brief explainer video

If you think a picture says a thousand words, a short explainer video can literally say thousands more. Consider creating a brief explainer video to explain your solution and give investors and end users an idea of what they can expect.

Pay for banner ads on relevant publications

To build awareness around your brand and to put your project on the radar of potential investors, consider paying for banner ads on forums, blogs, new publications, or other online platforms that cater to readers interested in bitcoin, digital currencies, and the blockchain industry.

Executing SEO-based content marketing

Content marketing builds trust and authority for your project. For any successful ICO, it is necessary to regularly write articles that are relevant to your business and add high value to potential customers and investors. We build a SEO-based content marketing machine that brings relevant visitors to your website and also serve as good material for other marketing channels – such as social media or email marketing.

Focus on community building


Most people from the early days of crypto started on forums, like bitcointalk.org and Reddit, discussing what works and what’s new in the crypto-currency world. It’s important for your team to participate in these conversations and generate a presence. However, keep in mind that there’s a careful balance between participation and added-value vs. overt advertising and corporate shills.

Build an email list

You should be building an email list from Day 1. This is the holy grail for marketers and a format of communication which has lasted over 20 years (compared to myspace and other platforms which have been long forgotten). An email list will allow you to deliver updates and content to your user base and create ambassadors for your brand; these are the people who will make your next version release or product launch 10x easier. We build you an e-mail list which is a goldmine.

Utilize social media

Social media cannot be understated, if you think your product is so good that it should sell itself – this is how people spread the word. There are so many good uses and so much good data to be found on the plethora of platforms and all the tools can be used to promote your launch; events, groups, messenger, stories, shares, likes etc.

Tap into influencers network

If you want immediate and large-scale attention, tap into an influencer’s network to promote your product. It’s important that the person you’re going to partner with actually believes in your solution and believes their audience will love it too.

The absolute quickest four pillars.


Research and Strategy

 What is your value differentiation?

 Who are your key audiences and what are their demographics?

 What channels do you have open to you?

 What are the strengths of your team, your community? What are the messages you want conveyed and how will they resonate?

It is never about how many channels you own, but the strength of each. A site, a blog, social profiles, newsletters, community board presences…each and every single touchpoint needs to be strategized.

What kinds of thought leadership can you put into the world that can showcase exactly your value prop. Your engineers. Your street cred? Can you seed the media with amazing bylines prior to the launch? Can you find panels to speak at? Can you develop some amazing content formats? Move beyond white papers and infographics

This bundle contains everything you could have for your successful ICO Communication.

Let’s see what is in the package:


Marketing Strategy


Make your story shine


ICO whitepaper professional production: economics, market analytics, roadmap, token aspects


YouTube video summary about your whitepaper


Contact to YouTube influencers


Niche forum PR activities: Bitcontalk and others


Personal connections with Key Opinion Leaders, Trend setters, Infulencers and advisors


Telegram channel build and community management


Social Media channels content strategy


Social Media management including Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, Reddit, targeting


Blockchain community


USD 20,000 traffic package for your social media channels retargeting included


Viral social media strategy


Monitor and participate in the dialogue with your audience


Website creation


Keep your website updated

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